EVP Final Twist Ending


Crazy ending to a crazy day! Good playing out there by everyone who played in todays EVP tournament. Mens finals where won by Nate and Shawn Coats as they show Arizonas amazing talent. Endurence and hydration was the key factor in today’s harsh dry climate. Above is the picture of Saturday’s finalist who fell ill to dehydration upon reaching the final game of the EVP tournament. Players name, not yet disclosed, is being attended to by mesa’s paramedics when he showed severe signs of dehydration. Ivy’s where used to bring this Open Player back to good health but was a little too late. The final game was called a forfeit by technical default and the fans cleared the sceen.

What more excitement can be seen then from these Arizona players who represent their state, city, and families. Congrats once again to a hard fought battle in one of Arizonas largest and hardest competitions this year!

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