Was it Rigged?

     We all agree that the ref might have been paid off. It doesn’t make sense that a final game call decision would be turned over at the end of the game by the same ref who made questionable calls all day long.

This is the most cotroversial ending in a Winner takes all trip to Miami Beach Florida to represent Arizona Volleyball for the chance to win $16,000. Herold Johnson the team captian discusses the outcome with the Beach Ref as she contemplates overturning over the game winning call to force the teams to redo the point.

Tim Higgins and Blake Kuchar run into eachother which caused the Ref to assume that that the set was going to be a double. With the great skillset of Tim Higgins the volleyball still came out of his hands motionless and with perfect exactness, even after the collision. In many cases the ref would have to stick to her call, but this game was too close and too even to call it on an erronious decision.

The decision was a redo. Both teams completely off the court, had to step back on in another attempt to seal their fate. Even with this messed up ending the original champions go on to seal the deal for the sencond time. Congrats go out to the mentally strong 2x winners Harold Johnson, Tyson Crandell, Jessica Elley and Leilani Pachecho!

Ya’ll Rocked….!


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