Jesse and Weston Vs. Steve and Lionel

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1st Place EVP Mens 2’s Tournament Champions

Dave Ballard and Josh Coate Take the Mens 2’s A Division with a great performance Monday night. Watch the after game interview as they clutch onto the coveted Tournament Champion Title. Congratst to 1st place winners Dave and Josh.

EVP Mens 2’s A division 2nd Place Interview

Rick Kalinowski and Jordan Bader take 2nd place in Mens 2’s A division EVP Tourament Monday Night. Enjoy this interview!

EVP Mens 2’s Div A. 3rd Place Interview¬†

Ben Snyder and Mike Carrington take 3rd place in an tough mens 2’s EVP A Division Tournament Monday Night Held by The Sand Club! Enjoy the interview!

EVP Men’s 2’s Div. A’ Tournament Battle for 3rd

Ben and Mike battle Jimmy and Josh in the race for the bronze. Yes, I meant 3rd place. This is a winners take all situation where the victors earn national points and the runner up just uses a lot of energy. This is a must see game!

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Ben and Mike vs. Jimmy and Josh

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AJ and Rick VS. Ryan and Rich

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Jesse & Weston VS. Steve & Lionel

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Chris & James VS Subs

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Bud Light Lime Tourney By The Sand Club 7/21/2012

Enjoy these 9 videos in 1 frame which was uploaded by Jeff Galley on his Jumpinsandcrabs youtube channel.

To get to the next video just scroll the video cursor to the end and it will start the next game. Enjoy!

Open Finals Sends the Best team to MIAMI BEACH for chance to win $16,000

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Jay & Paul Vs. Jesse & Weston

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The Reason We Play Ball…..

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The Guys

Aaron, Danny, Weston and Casey duke it out till they get dilirious. Seriously. Near the 9 minute mark on the video it starts to get magical.

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US’ best Volleyball player at 10yrs old. Who is it?

Dont miss out on America’s up and coming star Jalon Morris as he shows impressive skills at only AGE 10!

If there is young talent out there, we would like to know!

Jesse and Steve Vs. Chris and James

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Richie and Brian Vs. Bill and Craig

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Tuesday is a 2’s day!

2’s on Tues. What more can you ask for? If I were to ask you, “Is 2 better than 1?” You would say yes! If I were to ask you what the sum of 1+1 is…….You would say 2. So is it safe to say that on tuesday we have 2 much fun! I think not! Enjoy and lets see what 2’s happen to do for us. Long live the 2!!!!!!
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Jesse and Vance Vs. Kyle and Nathan


Biggest Upset EVER! #7 Seed Take Out #2 in a fish in a barrel shoot between brawn and brains. This is a must see that will have you rooting for the deserving team! Who deserves the Props? Shout outs to Kyle and Nathan in an awe inspiring game that reminds us all, “Anything can happen in a tournament!”
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Featuring The Star Players: Tara & Laura vs. Liv & Lyndi

You will have to see it to believe it! This is the event we have all been waiting for. Let your imagination soar as these two phenominal teams show you what real volleyball players can do with a volleyball. This game features our most popular women players Tara, Laura, Liv, and Lyndi. Follow these players games here at VolleyCritic.Com

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Jesse & Weston Vs Brian & John

Some of Arizonas greatest talent goes head to head with skill to back it up during this match that leaves nothing to chance. Enjoy this league play in the Mens Competitive division which is a part of The Sand Club. Critics are welcome here.

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EVP Mens Finals

Who has the hands, and the skill to use them? Watch and see in this close encounter of the EVP Mens A Finals.

Tom & Jerry Vs. Colorado Guys

EVP Womens Finals

EVP Womens Semi’s

Finess is and power does exist in a sport of skill. Yes its EVP Womens Volleyball, and this is the Semi finals. Enjoy.

Kudo’s to the victors of the Womens EVP A’s Finals!

3 Jawas and a Wookie Vs The Dark SideOut


Luke, I am your Father Luke! Noooooo, Nooooo, You cant be. Search your feelings, You know this to be true! Now there may not be a Luke playing in this game but we all know how he feels. Anyone who just found out their father was their Mortal enemy would have a lot of built up aggression just storing inside. And for most volleyball players, a game is the perfect place to let it all out. Seriously! If you hear anyone yell, scream, or grunt…..You know what I’m talking about. So let it out……..Let it all out!

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