1st Place EVP Mens 2’s Tournament Champions

Dave Ballard and Josh Coate Take the Mens 2’s A Division with a great performance Monday night. Watch the after game interview as they clutch onto the coveted Tournament Champion Title. Congratst to 1st place winners Dave and Josh.

EVP Mens 2’s A division 2nd Place Interview

Rick Kalinowski and Jordan Bader take 2nd place in Mens 2’s A division EVP Tourament Monday Night. Enjoy this interview!

EVP Mens 2’s Div A. 3rd Place Interview 

Ben Snyder and Mike Carrington take 3rd place in an tough mens 2’s EVP A Division Tournament Monday Night Held by The Sand Club! Enjoy the interview!

Shout out to Weston Morris on Winning 4 MVP Polls and a Prize Burton Shirt from Mason Yorke!


Poll Vaulting State Champion Amongst our Midst 7/16/2012


Many may not know…….But this is the face of MESA High Schools Very own Poll Vaulting State Champion from the 90’s. This man is not afraid to leap sky high on a poll or in the Sand. Standing at 5’11 he has the hops that make most Volleyball Players wonder where he came from. “He seems to not be afraid of heights as he bounces over the top of us all….He’s a beast.”- Anonymous (2012). If that isn’t enough to impress you, he is also Volley Critic’s defensive player of the year with 4362 digs and counting. This year is only half way through and this man has amassed more digs than any one man on the planet. Do you know him? If you don’t, You must be crazy. This is thee… Casey Mccoy of Queen Creek AZ. Representing Zip Code 85142

Brian Genthe Wins 4 MVP Polls!

Brian Genthe is recognized for his hard work and great skill as he takes home a prize hat from Mason Yorke Company. For those of you looking for prize recognition for great playing, all you have to do is film your games and post them through Volley Critic. Post games on youtube and let me know where to find them so that I can create polls and let your peers choose the best player on the court. Who will be MVP next?

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